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This question is familiar because it is part of the spirit of popular education that characterizes us.
We are particularly affected by the democratic crisis that our societies are going through, we want to be attentive to issues of equality between citizens.


We start from the observation

  1. That democracy like our republic remains beautiful and good, but that it is affected by social developments that threaten it

  2. That our people are plural, and this cultural and social mix is not always accepted as an asset

  3. That a form of acute individualism threatens to participate in the disintegration of the social fabric and risks affecting the notion of citizenship

  4. That economic, social and cultural inequalities between generations and social origins are widening too quickly

  5. That ecological issues have become vital

  6. That we must help the economic world to convert to integral ecology

These imbalances contribute to the weakening of common sense and therefore of the common good.

The movement of yellow vests, the #Metoo movement, polls without voters, the denunciation of feminicides, the lost weight of trade unionism, wage gaps, police violence... show that attacks on democracy are coupled with those on equality. "which remains to be reconquered" (Eric Fottorino)
That's why we choose "Where are you going tomorrow?" ".

We are convinced that solutions can only come from a collective effort:

  • WELCOMING diversity again and again widely in order to improve living together.

  • CO-BUILD the promotion of integral ecology.

  • MEET to develop together the richness of European identity and citizenship.


To better appropriate the theme, the public is not just a spectator, it is encouraged to participate!


A major conference will take place on Thursday, September 23 on the theme: Where are you going tomorrow?

Then, throughout the other 3 days, the question of the crisis of democracy will be at the heart of the debates through 4 sub-themes that we propose:

  1. Integral ecology

  2. The economy at the service of our democracy

  3. The evolution of media

  4. Legality of all citizens

Personalities and experts are invited to make a diagnosis. They will help us understand what does or does not make democracy today as a French citizen, but also European and we will give leads and / or answers to find out how we will go tomorrow , towards a more democratic society.

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